Smart Home Monitoring

Noise, motion and temperature monitoring. Peace for your neighbors. Privacy for your guests. Security for you. Minut makes short term rental work for everyone.

Noise, temperature, & motion monitoring

Recognizes other alarms

Respect your

guests privacy



Self installed and wireless

What can Minut do for you?

Minut wants to help communities and short term rentals live harmoniously through technology. Protect your property from damage, but never at the price of your guests privacy.

Property Owners

Property Managers

✓ Peace of mind knowing your home is protected

✓ Ensure you keep your neighbors happy

✓ Instant alerts of any potential issues

✓ Alarm your property when it's unoccupied

✓ Easily onboard new property owners

✓ Ensure your guests arrive in a pleasant home

✓ Reduce risk and time spent on unruly guests

✓ Offer your property owners peace of mind

Protect your home with the right plan

Whether you’re a homeowner, a host or a property manager we have a plan that fits your needs.




For individual homeowners that want to protect and monitor a single home.

For efficient monitoring of multiple homes by multiple users.

Easily manage your properties with automated guest communication, PMS integrations and API access.






What's included?

All of Starter, plus:

All of Standard, plus:

    1 user

    1 home

    90-day data history

    Unlimited users

    Unlimited data history

    Monitor multiple homes*

    Automated guest communication

    PMS integrations

    Zapier automation

    API access

* A Standard/Pro subscription is required per home.

What makes Minut different?

Minut is the global leader in property monitoring, helping hosts prevent, detect and resolve issues within their properties. With customers in more than 90 countries and a global network of professional partners, only Minut can offer an out of the box solution that works worldwide.

Guest privacy guaranteed

Out of sight

Battery powered

Tamper detection


Multiple sensors in a single device

Why hosts choose Minut

Getting started is simple

Create an account and sign up for Minut Pro.

When your devices arrive, install them in minutes and start monitoring instantly!

Order devices

The definitive all-in-one device to monitor short stay properties, anywhere in the world.

Why people love Minut

Noise Levels

Set a custom noise level and get notified if sound in the property goes above that level, ensuring things don't escalate.

Historical Data

Unlimited historical data at your fingertips.

View previous noise levels and access temperature, motion and humidity data over time.

Alarm Recognition

Minut can recognize and alert you to other alams going off. Like smoke detectors and C0 alarms.

API Integrations

Minut can integrate with your existing solutions to make your customized solution even better.

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Get a customized quote and monitoring plan for your short term rental business

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