Contrary to common belief, a vacant property does not in fact need to be a more vulnerable property.

Having a property unoccupied can be a worrying concept for anyone. With no one inside to ensure everything is running smoothly and without any intrusions we can turn to technology to tell us exactly that.

Here are 6 ways that Minut can help to protect vacant properties and give you peace of mind:

6 ways Minut protects

vacant properties

1. Motion Detection

The Minut Home Sensor contains a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor underneath the lens. It monitors the environment and keeps track of the number of ‘motion events’ that occur. If the alarm is activated and a motion event occurs, an instant notification will be sent. Even if the alarm is turned off you can monitor the motion levels around the device.

By setting the security alarm on the Minut mobile app you will get alerted when motion is detected and trigger the siren on your Minut to sound in the property.

With Minut’s motion detection you can rest assured knowing everything in your property is fine and intrusion free while it is vacant.


2. Temperature Tracking

Minut monitors the temperature in your property and can alert you to any unexpected increases and drops. You can set custom levels, and if the temperature goes above or below them you'll be notified instantly. This can alert you to situations that could occur in an unoccupied home like the heating system breaking or malfunctioning which can cause substantial damage depending on the circumstance and the climate.

3. Noise monitoring

Any unusual noise in the property can be detected using Minut’s noise monitoring feature. Depending on the level of surveillance you would like to carry out a low threshold can be set so that you can be notified when this threshold is passed meaning noise is heard in the home. Minut is simply a decibel monitor and does not record any raw audio data it simply recognises the amount of noise in an environment. Whether the noise would indicate damage or an intrusion in any way - you will always rest assured that Minut can be depended on when there is no one there to let you know all is well.

4. Alarm Recognition

The basic definition of a vacant property means there is no one home and of course, no one to hear the fire alarm going off in the event of a fire? So, Minut is there to save the day and let you know the alarm is going off so you can act accordingly. Minut uses sound recognition to detect other alarms going off in your home. So, if you have a smoke or CO alarm installed and it starts to sound, Minut will pick up on this and instantly notify you of the potential threat.

5. Friends & Family

You can create a trusted network of friends and family to safeguard your home on the Minut app. If something happens in your home, and you’re not around, we can quickly seek assistance from your network to make sure your home is safe.

6. Home Health Analysis

The humidity and mould analyses Minut provides can be a saving grace for property managers with unoccupied properties as you can keep an eye on the home's internal environmental health without having to set foot in it.

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Protecting your properties is about more than noise. Only Minut gives you the insights you need to keep your properties safe.

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