Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minut privacy-safe? 

Yes, guest privacy is our top concern and we only measure decibel levels, never conversations. 

How many devices do I need? 

If you are primarily using Minut to monitor noise, we recommend placing a Minut in areas where your guests socialize. You know your property best and where a possible party or gathering would take place so taking that into account, along with the wi-fi strength within your property will help you decide how many devices you need. If there are walls between your social spaces, we suggest 1 Minut device for each area.  

What is Minut Pro and how much does it cost?

Minut Pro is our full solution tailored for hosts and property managers to allow you to manage multiple Minut devices in multiple properties. In addition to the app, you get a web-based control center where you easily get an overview of your Minut devices. 

✓ Fleet management

✓ Bulk editing

✓ Unlimited users

✓ Daytime/Nighttime settings

✓ Key insights

✓ API access

Minut Pro costs €7.99/$7.99/£6.99 per month per property. 

Is there a commitment period for Minut Pro?

No, you can cancel your Minut Pro subscription at any time. 

Do I need to disclose that I have a monitoring device in my property on AirBnb?

Minut encourages all hosts to disclose that they have a monitoring device in their rented accommodation. You can read more on AirBnb rules here. For other OTA rules, please see their websites. Because Minut is built with privacy in mind and does not have a camera nor record any audio, you can have confidence that Minut complies with OTA guidelines.

Do you have any examples on how I can communicate to the guest about Minut?

Yes, here are two proposed blurbs: 

“This listing has a device that monitors noise levels (but does not record sounds) and notifies the host or the host’s agents if it gets too loud."

“This listing contains a device which monitors the environment inside the property including noise levels, temperature and motion to ensure guests have a pleasant stay and our neighbours are not disturbed.”

Does it record data? 

No raw sound data ever leaves the device. Only the necessary data is sent to your phone -- that means no one can ever listen to whatever is said in your home as it is never recorded. All communication within the system is encrypted, including to and from the device. 

Is there a maximum number of properties I can manage?

No, Minut Pro is designed to work for any amount of properties.

Does Minut work all over the world?

Yes! Minut works all over the world. All you need is a WiFi-connection.

Does it work in outdoor environment?

Minut’s outer case is designed for indoor use only and we cannot guarantee that it works outdoors. 

Can multiple people receive noise alerts? 

Yes! With Minut Pro, you can create multiple accounts. You can also choose which account should get notifications from which properties. 

What should I set my thresholds to? 

For sound, we have identified the following levels. 

50-60 dB: Normal conversation

60-70 dB: Dinner party, Loud TV - Recommended Setting

70-80 dB: Party

80-90 dB: Very loud party 

Every room and every property is different, just like you and me. Distance between Minut and sound source, room acoustics and thickness of walls are all variables. We recommend to have this in mind when changing your thresholds. 

What happens if wifi goes down?

Minut needs a WiFi-connection to work. If the WiFi goes down the app will tell you that the Minut is offline. During the time the Minut is offline, it will store data locally on the device itself, and send this once the WiFi is up and running again. 

What happens if someone takes my Minut device down from it’s mounting place?  

If your Minut device is taken down you will receive a notification to your phone alerting you that the Minut has been tampered with.

How often does the device update?

If all is quiet and nothing is going on, the device will update regularly once every hour. But if there’s a loud noise that means a threshold is passed, or if there is movement the device will update you with this information immediately.